Our logo

The logo of the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture is based on a folk ornament depicting the wheel.

Its spokes symbolise the eight cardinal directions and its centre is the contact point of individual parts of folk heritage. This is how the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture brings together different parts of our heritage – art, handicraft, folk dance, music, performing arts, poetry, customs, food culture, etc.

The stylisation of the logo – embroidery – expresses authenticity, crafts, uniqueness and some degree of irregularity.

Important values that create and carry on the folk culture.

NB! The logo is surrounded by a safety area of the size shown in the diagram, which protects the clarity and distinctiveness of the logo. The width of the area is determined by the height of the wheel. The size of the area changes proportionally as the logo is resized. No text or other graphic elements may be placed inside the safety area.

Additional information

Kaja Liivak
tel: 5300 8302
e-post: kaja.liivak@rahvakultuur.ee