Submission of information requests

Suppose you want to receive a document or information that the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture already has. In that case, you can submit an information request in accordance with the Public Information Act.

We will respond within five (5) working days from the working day following the registration of the information request. If necessary, it can be extended to 15 working days.

You can request, for example, a previous letter or a decision made. However, if you ask for explanations or views, the letter has to be drawn up from scratch, which qualifies as a clarification request.

If you bring any issues to our attention, you have submitted a notice. The deadline for responding to clarification requests and notices is up to 30 calendar days per the respective law.

Should the reply to your letter be within the competence of another institution, it will be forwarded to the relevant institution, and you will also be informed about it.

To respond to an information request, it must be possible to identify the person who forwarded it and thus must contain their contact details.

All information and clarification requests and notices should be sent to


Feel free to:

write to Estonian Centre of Folk Culture, Leola 15a, Viljandi 71020 or call +372 600 9291