We preserve and progress Estonian folk culture

The Estonian Centre of Folk Culture operates under the Ministry of Culture for the purpose of preserving the Estonian national identity and ensuring and promoting a viable folk culture space.

We believe that folk culture needs to be vibrant.

The same goes for the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture, where we prioritise the following principles in our daily work:

Leadership and professionalism, as all our employees are experts and good advocates in the field of folk culture.

Continuity of folk culture and preservation of traditions, together with the centre’s own innovative spirit.

Cooperation, because we can only develop the field of folk culture together and our role is to provide comprehensive support to everyone involved in this process.


  • General Department

    The General Department organises the centre’s general work, development activities, personnel work, accounting, financial accounts, administration, document management and communication.

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  • Training Department

    The training department offers professionals in the field of folk culture diverse opportunities for professional development. We organise trainings in cooperation with partners, such as folk culture central societies across the state, the Estonian National Museum, Estonian Traditional Music Center , NGO Loometöö and others.

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  • Support Measures Department

    The Support Measures Department organises and coordinates activities related to support measures, makes proposals for the formation of support measures committees and improving the implementation of support measures, verifies the intended use of support measures, prepares summaries on the implementation of the support period, cooperates with local government units, local government associations and umbrella organisations managing activities in the field of folk culture and intangible cultural heritage.

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  • Regional Department

    Folk culture specialists of the Regional Department advise people involved in folk culture in the counties, as well as the representatives of institutions and civic associations, keepers of the sectoral database of folk culture; create prerequisites for the implementation of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage; collect, organise and distribute information on folk culture in the counties; make proposals for the recognition of people and associations operating in the counties; help ensure the sustainability of song and dance festivals at the county level; cooperate with national central societies, the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Foundation, local government associations and units and organisations that manage activities in the field of folk culture at county level.

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  • Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage

    The main task of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department is to support the diversity, sustainability and protection of intangible cultural heritage.

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