The Estonian Centre of Folk Culture is administered by the Ministry of Culture and our budget forms a part of the ministry’s budget. In the same place, you can find information about previous years’ budgets.

The total budget expenditure of the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture in 2024 was 6 005 383 euros.

Bank details

Recipient Rahandusministeerium IBAN BIC (SWIFT)

Swedbank EE932200221023778606 HABAEE2X
SEB EE891010220034796011 EEUHEE2X
Luminor EE701700017001577198 NDEAEE2X

Reference number 2800047436 (support measure refunds, payments for services, etc.).

E-invoice center

Estonian Centre of Folk Culture has joined the Fitek invoice management system. From 01.07.2019 we can only accept e-invoices. More information about e-invoices and their submission can be found on the website of the State Shared Service Centre.