The Estonian intangible cultural heritage inventory is a means of keeping and interpreting the living heritage

All Estonian communities are invited to present their living heritage in the Estonian intangible cultural heritage inventory regardless of size, location, field of activity, or origin. The inventory is guided by the principles of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and was made available online in 2010. Heritage bearers compile entries for the inventory, and the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture manages the inventory.

View the consolidated list of entries in the inventory of intangible cultural heritage or read the entries separately at the end of the page.

Living heritage manifests itself in many domains (domain tree) and often in several at once. The domain tree of the inventory distinguishes seven significant parts, which in turn branch out. The division of domains provides a better overview of how close to us intangible cultural heritage is and how it manifests itself both in our daily lives and celebration.

The new inventory application is under development, and until its completion, you can view the entries on this page that serves as a temporary home for the inventory. Not all inventory functions are available in the current environment, but it provides an overview of all entries. Have fun exploring!

Additional information

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tel: 5411 0363

What should be included in the inventory?

Entries from all communities in Estonia, regardless of size, location or origin, are welcomed. The focus is primarily on local and community culture – knowledge, skills, customs, and practices the community seeks to preserve and pass on. It is important to note that the inclusion criterion for intangible heritage is not its uniqueness or century-long roots but its knowledge, skill, custom, or practice that is characteristic and important to the community at present.

Entry types

Main entry – knowledge, skill, custom, or tradition
Linked entry – person
Linked entry – establishment or organisation
Linked entry – location



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The Estonian intangible cultural heritage inventory

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